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Why we choose HPL tabletops?

Excellent physical and chemical properties of HPL tabletops

There are many applications for Phenolic HPL, and one of the important applications is the HPL tabletop. Because HPL materials have many properties that are not available in other materials.

From the physical properties of phenolic HPL, the 12mm thick HPL sheet can have a notched impact strength of 25kJ/m2, a Rockwell hardness of 120, and a compressive strength of 220MPa. So the HPL tabletop is very rugged and the tabletop is solid and scratch resistant. Moreover, since the phenolic HPL material has a dense surface and no capillary pores, it is very easy to clean and effectively inhibits bacterial growth.

Based on the chemical properties of phenolic HPL, the phenolic resin itself has certain acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, the HPL desktop also has a certain resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, and it is completely able to cope with some weak acid and weak bases of food.

As far as the overall aesthetic of the table is concerned, the HPL tabletop can be made very thin due to the high strength of the phenolic HPL material. 12mm (1/2 inch) is one of the most widely used thicknesses. However, the general wood material desktop may have to be doubled in thickness to achieve the strength of the HPL tabletop. And another performance is not as good as HPL tabletop.

The advantages of the HPL tabletop are even greater in terms of the color choice of the desktop. There are hundreds of solid, wood, and marble colors to choose from. And there is no price difference between these colors. This is an important reason why HPL tabletops can become a fashion tabletop.

Outdoor and indoor use of the HPL tabletop

The environment in which HPL tabletops can be used can be divided into indoor and outdoor environments. HPL tabletops for indoor use and HPL tabletops for outdoor use differ in quality requirements:

The outdoor sun is strong, and there are many naked eyes that can’t see the ultraviolet rays that will directly hit the countertop. These UV rays will accelerate the surface color of the HPL tabletop. Therefore, the phenolic HPL plate has the difference between the plate used outdoors and the plate used indoors. The outdoor HPL tabletop has a transparent UV film that resists UV damage to the tabletop color. There is no UV film for HPL tabletops used indoors, as this can reduce costs.

However, according to my years of HPL industry experience, the difference between the HPL tabletop with UV film and the HPL tabletop without UV film in the actual use process is not as big as the imagination. The effect of the UV film is only equivalent to waxing the paint surface of the car. The car that often waxes the car paint surface will still be pure after being used for many years. But after all, it is not as good as the car paint state of the new car. The HPL tabletop without UV film is equivalent to the owner’s habit of not waxing the paint. After many years, the paint is slightly outdated. But no matter what, the color will eventually fade after a long time.

In terms of price, outdoor HPL tabletops with UV film are about 30% more expensive than ordinary HPL tabletops without UV film. Because real UV film is very expensive.

Creative custom HPL countertop

In addition to the regular wood grain, solid color, and marbled color, some manufacturers also accept customized services for desktop graphics. The logos, pictures, and photos that customers need to customize can be permanently fixed on the surface of the HPL tabletop, which is very creative and individual. Very popular in bars or creative neighborhoods.


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