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What is Phenolic solid HPL panel?

What is Brikley Phenolic Solid HPL?

The Phenolic Solid HPL panel is mad  e of decorative color paper impregnated with melamine resin, laminated with multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin, and then pressed with a steel plate through a high temperature (150 ° C) high pressure (1430psi), with a thickness from 1.6mm. Can be made up to 3-25mm. It is a high-pressure decorative board with a transparent structure. The color paper layer on the surface can not only meet a variety of color choices, but also provide “glossy surface, pearl suede surface, micro star surface, rhombus pattern, checkered pattern, blizzard. “Meteor” decoration needs.


Phenolic Solid HPL panel is a kind of wear-resistant decorative board, that is, decorative color paper impregnated with melamine resin, plus multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper impregnated with phenolic or urea-formaldehyde resin. The steel plate is pressed in a high temperature (150 ° C) high pressure (1430 psi) environment. The thickness can be adjusted according to the needs of the number of kraft paper, and can be made from 3mm to 25mm.

The Phenolic Solid HPL panel can meet various decoration choices, single-sided or double-sided decoration according to its surface color paper layer. Therefore, it is a decorative material, and because it is thicker than traditional fire-proof boards, it is strong, impact resistant, waterproof, Moisture resistance, it can also be a structural material, and can be directly drilled, hammered, sanded, guided, and cut with standard carbon steel alloy cutters. CNC machines can also be used to cut into any desired shape according to actual needs , And guide angle, drilling, it is a practical and decorative plate.

The Phenolic solid panel is designed for indoor horizontal and upright surface use. It has functions such as ruggedness, impact resistance, water resistance, and humidity resistance.

Phenolic Solid HPL panel is a high-strength flat plate made by the high-pressure polymerization of wooden fiber and thermosetting resin. It adopts special technology to form an integrated coloring surface that is not only suitable for interior decoration, but also for various outdoor facilities.

The enemy of any exterior wall material is long-term exposure to sunlight, rain, moisture, and temperature changes, and the anti-betel sheet has extremely strong weather resistance, regardless of sunlight, rain and wind erosion, or moisture has no effect on its surface. Rapid temperature changes will not affect its appearance and characteristics; the Phenolic solid panel has a high elastic modulus, tensile strength and flexural strength, making it highly impact resistant; the high-density core material gives resistance The special strength of the anchor plate is very high. This feature is especially important for the board using bolt or plug-in installation. The Phenolic solid panel has excellent fire resistance and will not melt, drip or explode. European institutions It is classified as the highest fireproof level in organic materials, and does not release toxic and corrosive gases; the Phenolic solid panel can be stable for a long time. It has self-cleaning property, and the dense material does not stick to dust. It is easy to clean and rain It can be washed. Generally, the curtain wall needs to be cleaned once a year, while the anti-beite sheet curtain wall is cleaned only once every 3 to 4 years, and it can be washed with organic solvents without any impact on the color.


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