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Precautions for HPL products from China

We all know that HPL has a wide range of applications in many areas. We are more common with HPL wall panel, HPL tabletop, HPL toilet partition, HPL locker.

There are two types of international buyers who purchase HPL products: one is a professional buyer who purchases HPL sheets directly. One is a professional buyer who purchases HPL sheets directly. These buyers generally have deep processing capabilities for HPL materials. He can process HPL sheets into HPL products that his customers need; There is also a buyer who purchases HPL applications, which are generally manufactured directly from HPL materials. Because they do not have the deep processing capability for HPL, all they need to do is assembly. These products are such as HPL toilet partitions, HPL table tops, HPL lockers.

Communicating with professional buyers is undoubtedly the easiest. Because they know exactly what kind of products they need, they can describe the product clearly. Of course, the most important thing is that the product information of the HPL sheets they need is very simple: specifications, color, quantity, shipping method, price. Basically, after confirming this business information, you can place an order.

For customers who purchase finished products directly, communication before ordering is particularly important. Because both buyers and sellers must find the final point of convergence. In the beginning, buyers and sellers need to communicate the specific information and usage scenarios of the finished product, which will affect the selection of HPL specifications. Next, the details of the processing and the style of the hardware accessories will be confirmed. This is a very complicated part, and a lot of work needs to be done to confirm every processing detail of the finished product. Make sure the buyer buys the product they need.

Regarding the delivery date, generally, if the HPL sheets are directly sold, it can be produced in about 15 days. If HPL applications are needed, it will typically take 30 days because of the need for processing. The buyer’s receipt time is affected by more factors. For example, the shipping schedule, the customs clearance efficiency of the local customs.

As a veteran in the HPL industry, I feel that I need to give some advice to some new HPL buyers.

First, don’t be blindly attracted by low prices. Because you have to find the quality of the products that suit your needs, the quality of low-priced products may not be reliable. Some HPL manufacturers will use low quotations to attract buyers’ inquiries. But when you officially communicate, you find that he is selling you a high-priced HPL. Because which low prices may be very low-quality products, or set to attract inquiries. Because there is no such price at all or there is no way to make a profit. So next time he will try to recommend high-priced HPL to you.

Second, you must confirm the quality level with the seller or the composition of the raw materials. The situation regarding raw materials has been explained in the previous article.

Third, you should check the HPL tariff rate of your country before purchasing, so that you can fully understand your import costs.

If you want to know more information about HPL made in China, you can send an email to me: [email protected]



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